"See what some of the Collectors of  Matherly's art have to say . . ." 
     Dear Collector:

     When I first became acquainted with the art of Michael R. Matherly,
     I  was astonished at the realism with which he portrays the most
     magnificent animals. Each one is a living, breathing creature that
     seems to leap from the artist's canvas.



                                                            Lynda Rae Resnick
                                                            Vice Chairman,
                                                            The Franklin Mint

     Dear Collector:

     In the world of wildlife art, there is no artist quite as accomplished
     as Michael R. Matherly. His magnificant portraits of the worlds
     "big cats" have earned him the respect of collectors across the
     globe--and the prestigious National Wildlife Federation. 


                                                         Stewart Resnick
                                                         The Franklin Mint
Dear Friend,

     There are perhaps no creatures quite as beautiful as the "big cats"
     of the world. These majestic animals, whose grace and beauty are
     unsurpassed, are truly the regal rulers of the wild. Therefore, we are
     pleased to present the "Majestic Cats" Plate Collection, created by
     the acclaimed wildlife artist Michael R. Matherly. Here, with the
     style that has brought him acclaim with lovers of wildlife art every-
     where.  Mr. Matherly has created twelve spectacular portraits of
     these magnificent creatures and their young, depicted in their
     native habitats. May they become a cherished part of your
     collection, as they have ours.


                                                      Jay D. Hair
                                                      National Wildlife Federation
     Jim Fowler helped to commemorate one of Michael's postage stamp
     designs at the first day of issue ceremony in Washington, D.C.

     Jim Fowler, one of the world's best-known naturalists, has presented
     information about wildlife and wilderness to the American public on
     television for over 30 years. He first served with Marlin Perkins as co-
     host and later became host of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, and
     also hosted Mutual of Omaha's Spirit of Adventure. Wild Kingdom
     currently airs on a growing network of PBS stations across the
     country. In addition to ongoing appearances on many network talk
     shows, Jim has been the wildlife correspondent for NBC's Today
     Show since 1988 and he was a regular on the Tonight Show starring
     Johnny Carson.  


Michael is frequently invited to attend several
collector's annual stamp club shows.  In this
photo, he is signing first day covers and stamps
for collectors.

Stamp collectors across the country mail him
first day covers for his signature.

The United States Postal Service invited him to
attend the World Columbian Stamp Exposition, 
held in Chicago, IL. that year. Postal administrations from around the world attend this event.  While he was there he was privileged to share a signature booth with the U.S. Olympic Team Medalists.

Private Collectors
  We have been collecting Mike Matherly's wildlife paintings
  for 20 years.  We now have 15 originals.  We never grow
  tired of admiring the quality of work.  Mike's growing list of
  accomplishments only prove to us that he is one of the
  best in the world.

                                                         The Newmans        

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