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Is your company looking for an exceptional artist to license.  Michael Matherly could be the perfect artist for your company as
he ranks among the country's leading artists.   Michael Matherly's art could be an exciting and profitable addition to your
licensed business.

As one of the nation's premier artists, Michael Matherly has a large library of images readily available to license for use on items ranging from jigsaw puzzles to furniture throws. Michael's artwork has proven to enhance and make the product on which it is manufactured to be a top seller.  His "Majestic Cats" twelve plate series is the most successful series in the history of Franklin
Mint and his art prints and many other products have been very successful and marketed worldwide for more than thirty years.

Michael  R. Matherly's Fine Art Studio is actively seeking licensees (manufacturers), who are as committed to bringing quality products to the market as we are. Our goal is to continue to grow the Michael Matherly license (referred to as the Matherly Collection) by developing strong licensing relationships with manufacturers who have product lines that are appropriate and in which Michael's artwork will be complimentary.

Michael Matherly’s artwork has been published and licensed since 1988. We provide significant Licensee support. If necessary, we can digitally alter any image in order to meet your specific needs.  Such as: repetitive designs for wallpaper borders or fabric patterns; cropping; a combination of different images and much more. Changes can be made with quick turn-around time, without sacrificing the classic Michael Matherly style.


Example of a digitally altered image used for a shaped jigsaw puzzle.

If you would like to join our licensing team, please contact us at any of the following:
  Call:  765-914-6493
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Michael Ross Matherly's Fine Art Studio

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