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  • Custom Fit to any Tire Size

Mix or match window graphics with your tire covers for an awsome look!

Quality to fit your tire cover needs!
  • Our covers are made from rugged marine grade vinyl. Not The Cheap Stuff! Marine grade vinyl is the same stuff used to make boat seats!

  • All images are printed using top of the line UV resistant solvent inks that actually etch into the vinyl. This means the image will not flake off like air brushed or painted tire covers. Our inks are rated up to five years!

  • Our tire covers are secured with a 90 test pound rope that can be pulled as tightly as needed to obtain the desired fit. We don't use elastic cords that stretch and let air under your cover that will blow your tire cover off of the tire when traveling on the highway.

  • Every tire cover comes with a free set of locking security grommets installed and a heavy duty locking zip tie to help prevent theft.

  • We can make a cover for any size tire. We make each cover here in our shop to fit the size of the tire it is going on.  Most other places make you pick your tire size from a chart that only offers 5 or 6 standard sizes. These sizes increase by 2 inch intervals and often stop at 30 inches. This means chances are you will receive a loose fitting cover that is to big for the tire.

  • The perfect gift idea! Gift certificates. Each gift certificate comes with our full color catalog.We will ship your gift certificate to you or the recipient for FREE! Each gift certificate comes with our full color catalog.

  • All products come with a one year warranty!


Choose Michael's artwork from a large variety of images at either of the following websites to find the one that suites you.

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