Cross-Stitch by

Check it out! You can download a pattern immediately using their one and only

"Click N Stitch"!

What Make Their Designs So Unique and Separates Theirs From The Rest?
Unmatched Collection Of Artwork & Photography! For The Sole Purpose Of Needlework!

Mystic Stitch pattern book is beautifully presented right down to the last detail.


Easy to follow, clear well set out instructions that guide
both the experienced and the novice to easily complete their project!


Mystic Stitch uses special software to convert the artist's painting into a pattern of symbols.
These match the artist's original colors, and co-relate to the appropriate DMC dyed floss
for you to cross-stitch with!


You can purchase Michael's artwork from a large variety of images for cross-stitch from the
following links:


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