About The Artist

The works of artist-painter Michael Ross Matherly are collected throughout the world. Michael's main sources of inspiration are from the vast beauty around us that God has created.

As a young boy, Michael showed outstanding talent. The achievements he holds are evidence of his love for and dedication to his art. With a multitude of interests, he works in acrylic, always striving to call forth a freshness in his works. He spends a great deal of time researching his subjects. That is obviously reflected in the details of his paintings.

He has done commissioned work for the National Wildlife Federation in Washington D.C. His work has been published on covers and inside several national and state magazines. He has won a total of six Indiana Game-bird Habitat Stamps and Indiana Trout-Salmon Stamp Competitions. He has designed several postage stamps for the United States Postal Service in Washington D.C., many of which are still available at your local post office. He was commissioned to create a series of twelve collector plates for the Franklin Mint, titled "The Majestic Cats Collection", which were sold around the world. According to the Franklin Mint, he is one of three artists to ever have a plate series extended to twelve plates, and his series has been the most successful in the history of the Franklin Mint. He also designed a single collector plate, "Midnight Majesty", in addition to the series, that was endorsed by the International Wildlife Coalition. He has designed several commissioned works for the Postal Commemorative Society. In addition to the above, Michael's artwork is licensed by many different manufacturers and produced on dozens of different products sold worldwide such as print reproductions, greeting cards, mugs, coasters, trivets, T-shirts, jigsaw puzzles, tapestry afghan throws, woven pillows, calendars, mirrors, mirror coat racks, furniture, cross stitch, tote bags, decorative tins, wallpaper wall murals, kiln fired tile wall murals, woven men's and women's cardigans and pullovers, magnets, decals, serving trays, see-through auto window graphics, paint-by-number kits, gun safes and many new licenses are in the works.

Michael is one-quarter Cherokee/Shawnee and is very proud of his american indian heritage. He is concerned about the future of our planet and its environment. He hopes that in some way his art might allow the viewer to have greater respect and a deeper appreciation for nature and all living things that are upon our Mother Earth. Whether it be man, an animal, a bird, an insect, a tree or any other living thing, they should have their rightful place and treated with respect. Even the rocks should have their rightful place and are deserving of the same. All these things are not just a natural resource to be abused for personal, economical and political gain. We should use ONLY what we need and be thankful to these things that give their life so that we might live ours. John Trudell said it best, "We should be developing our loyalties to this planet, to this earth and the future, and our descendants, more than governing political systems that have created so many problems. People are trying to find solutions to the problems we have created, but they are trying to do it in the confined abstractions of democracy. If we are not willing to think objectively about our responsibilities towards our own descendants, then we will find no solutions".

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